The habit of remembering birthdays

Hi guys,

I would always forget birthdays. Until I got fed up by annoying myself with this bad habit. So I decided to buy a big yearly calendar at the beginning of the year – first week of January. put my recently gifted big yearly calendar 2018  in my room. The next step was   to make sure I had all of the dates of dear friends and family in hand. When I visited my sister’s place – I made sure to note down all of the key family birthdays from her calendar. Friends: I then emailed my friends to remind me of their birthdays ( I did remember some birthdays – I might add!) Then I put time aside on a Saturday afternoon to write the birthdays in the calendar and in my note book. To make this experience enjoyable, I bought some snacks and had some good personal development talks playing in the background. You can have music in the background playing – haha 🙂

Remembering loved ones birthdays by sending them a message, calling them or even sending them a gift shows them that you care. Most people are really touched by the gesture of remembering their birthday.

I hope the above posts inspires you….

The Kindness Change

Charlotte x



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