The habit of having avocado and eggs at home

I often bought some hot chips or crisps on my way home from work.  Having bought crisps numerous times for my 45 min train journey home – I would consume the bag in 30 seconds well, maybe more.  I would convince myself – that I was hungry and for some strange reason – crisps would not make me put on weight and were in some way veggies!

Anyways – after munching on crisps ( medium size bag) almost 3-4 times a week – I would feel so unhealthy.

I often got home late- crisps ended up being my supper along with fruit – I was also too tired to cook at times!  I was now fed up with this bad habit. ( It took me years to get fed up with it) Eventually, I decided to stock up on my favourite easy go to foods – and make this my easy- but relatively healthy and easy dinner meals after a long day at the office.

I created this habit loop:

Cue: Hungry at the train station or bus stop on my way home from work

Routine: Go to the super market every Saturday and Wednesday and buy eggs, avocados, tomatoes, cheese , nice bread and 1 type of fruit – usually chopped mango or oranges.  When I get home from work – especially after 19:30 p.m – I would quickly go to the kitchen. Put the bread in the toaster. Have 1 hot slice of toast with cheese and tomato first. Settle down and then make my healthy and quick supper.

Reward: holding on to my hunger pangs until I got home – my reward is either a yummy omelette, cheese and tomato open sandwich, spicy scrambled eggs with tomato and avocado on top of an open sandwich or avocado and tomato on a toasted open sandwich 🙂



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