The habit of mercy

Ever known someone who was difficult to be around whether at work or outside of work . Sometimes- our patience is tested not once awhile but all the time with the same people or new people

Many times, I have been tested on showing mercy or kindness in intense situations. It would have been so easy to choose the road of complain/revenge/gossip. Yes, I have failed in this area, but one thing is for sure. I want to live a life that shows mercy or kindness in the long run, especially towards people who are challenging my emotions – also towards self. So I created this habit loop and it has helped a lot in managing my emotions in a healthy way. It took time to get to this place… everyday progress.

Cue: someone tries to complain about someone to me or I am on the verge of complaining…

Routine: I stick to the facts . Weigh the situation and then I respond. channeling kindness in my heart even when I have to deliver tough feedback or someone has been hurtful.

Reward: I journal how I responded to the situation as a gratitude entry. I physically feel lighter. I like this feeling.

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