The habit of smiling

Starting a new job and having to meet your new boss for the first time,buying a coffee, getting ready in front of the mirror in the morning – I encourage you to intentionally smile ( think of something lovely – it will help you smile). Bring a little bit of sunshine to a normal encounter. Smiling will also make you look more appealing, attractive, kinder and approachable. Smiling invites warmth.

Try it:

Cue: daily – you wake up in the morning. Do a few stretches and then smile at your day believing that God’s got you no matter the challenge.

Routine : do this when you’re in the process of getting dressed. Let out a big smile. Try to do this with your first encounters of the day too.

Reward: you’re changing your facial expressions to someone more kinder. Good for your health too.

Kinder invites new beautiful encounters 💫

Just watch…

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