The habit of dress up Monday

Ever feel tired and dreading the week ahead when Monday comes around the corner. Work is stressful, people are challenging and you just could do with some joy.

I feel like that from time to time. To help me command my week – To feel amazing at the beginning of the week- see below how I kick started this habit:

Cue: It’s Sunday or Monday morning. I begin to think about the week ahead. I cannot control circumstances, but I can control my grooming and style.

Routine: Dress up – I will wear a nice shirt/top/ a bit of make up/ have neat hair or just look super presentable with a splash of colour, signalling joy. This is also possible in a work environment where people have to wear suits or formal clothing.

Reward: feeling accomplished on a Monday! I made an effort. I progressed in looking my best and feeling my best! One day at a time.

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