The habit of speaking your dream and writing it down

This may sound silly, but I promise you, if you speak your dream out aloud and write it down. Taking these very actions will connection with your heart and the dream may actually happen. Though it will likely happen when you work hard and prepare for the dream in advance of it happening, importantly. Often times a prayer of gratitude helps things along. My habit loop for making my dream come true in becoming a more organised person.

Routine: I was super disorganised in most areas. E.g dumping my clothing on the chair in my room, resulting in a huge pile of mess and mental disarray.

New routine: to combat this – It took almost a year. I had to get very fed up. Then that emotion finally drove me into more action. I bought declutter books. I began to organise 1 thing e. g my sock drawer every Saturday Eventually, I got to the chair. Saturday Practice

Reward: a free mind – looking at the chair does not stress me out. I can sit in it now : )

Small steps… now I am a senior Executive Assistant. Who would have imagined!

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