The habit of conversation

If you’re an introvert like me- after some minutes listening or having to converse in a social gathering, business meeting, outing with a big group of friends and their friends – you feel like escaping!

Conversing about various topics, makes being in the situation even more uncomfortable.

I want to be a great conversationalist. Deep down, I know I can master the art of time varied conversation if I make a choice to work on it.

Finding middle ground, by not compromising ones inner peace, but at the same time learning the beautiful art of conversation even for a limited time…

I think it starts with a small challenge.

Everyday – speak to 3 – 4 people for 10 minutes.

It can be the cashier, the receptionist, your colleague, a friend or a child.

Sustain this challenge for 2 weeks and let me know how it’s going.

Writing down recurring topics and work towards changing it up a bit. Getting people to share life with you. Listen to what they are saying… it will help move the conversation…

Creating good habits together…


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