The habit of locking out bad thoughts

The more one seeks after optimism on a daily basis, the mind begins to detest the close proximity of bad thoughts.

We cannot always avoid bad thoughts derived from exposure to negative energies e.g via people or the media. Or even our own self doubts and insecurities. Fear led thoughts.

The good news is that the power to lock out these destructive thoughts lies within us. We can choose to allow all recurring negative thinking to create roads and then highways in our minds OR when the bad thought closely approaches – we can send it to the very back of the line, whilst the optimistic thoughts lead the way.

The art of allowing good thoughts to make inroads into the forefront of our mind takes second by second – every single day practice.

Everyday – pay attention to your thoughts. Right them down. You’ll be astounded by the negativity trying to win your over and ruin your life, your joy and your success. No need to worry, because, there is hope. We are born with a mind that is ever changing and is not determined by our genetics or environment. Neuroplasticity, the ability for the brain to change, rewire itself.

You have the power to change your thoughts – believe you do. Recognise the negative thoughts and refuse to accept it into your mind and heart.

The best is yet to come. Think limitless. You deserve it.

Healthy thinking.jpg


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