Joy find: Healthy Family

What truly sparks joy in my heart is my family.  We are a kind-hearted, small and imperfect bunch spread over three countries, South Africa, Denmark and the UK. Maybe it is true that distance makes the heart to grow fonder. For our family- it sure is. There were indeed tough times that we faced together like financial hardships and unforgiveness, but with commitment to our own individual personal growth journeys over the years and a commitment to be in each other’s lives through the good and bad times – we are beautifully connected – the joy is there.  I know this is not the case for all families! Friends become family too I might say!

Cherish good friends and family. Put in the commitment to spend quality time together. Be kind and helpful. Good friends and family will notice your actions and will reciprocate that love towards you – we are engineered to give and receive love.  If joy is lacking in your family – spend some quality time alone. Sense what your heart is telling you. In doing this, ask yourself these questions to discover a revelation – awaken that peace.

  1. What do I love about my family or friends?
  2. How am I giving to the relationship, in the form of commitment, time, kindness, and joy?
  3. Are there things in them that frustrate me. Could it be because of the things I dislike about them are things I dislike about myself?
  4. Do I respect their boundaries and vice versa…
  5. How can I ignite more kindness and joy, whilst I figure out how to deal with friends and family going forward – I may even say goodbye to toxic ones.

My joy find today is knowing how fortunate I am to have an awesome family.  Joy is to be heard, seen and felt – spark some joy!


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