Adding joy sparks to my work schedule during the summer

To increase my enthusiasm and productivity at work, during these beautiful summers day in London, I have begun to mix in some small sparks of joy into my workday.

Firstly, I set out in planning my day – switched on my laptop and plugged in these joy moments into my outlook diary.  N.B: You could choose to write down your joy sparks on a post-it note or in a notebook if that feels better.

These are my joy sparks in my current work schedule

  • I put in 2- 3 small 5- 10 minute breaks between 13:00 – 17:00. The aim is to get up from my chair – make myself a tea or have a short conversation with a colleague.
  • Laugh at least once today
  • Smile at least once today
  • Have something sweet today

How to do this

Start with one action. Intentionally put into your schedule – e.g “I am believing to smile and laugh today”  If you just smile today, that’s progress.

Small regular healthy actions build into habits. Healthy habits are life-changing.

Joy spark at work.jpg



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