The joy of creating Hygge experiences at home

I was recently on a visit to Denmark, visiting my family.  Whilst speaking to my sister – the idea of putting a family “hygge” party popped up.

Hygge is a Danish term which means in the literal sense cozy, delightful and fun… it spurs connection with others and within you.

I knew that my sweet nieces loved to bake.  So we baked a delicious and moist banana chocolate cake and made some magically yummy mini pancakes.  The day before we popped into a store which sells fun, very affordable and tasteful party stuff.

We divided and conquered. Baked the yummy treats. Plated them well. Decorated the table – made the family experience fun and cozy.

This experience is so appealing because it takes a few things to create a warm and inviting experience for loved ones. or oneself. Also to make it a bit healthier, one could add a fruit platter and some delightful tea. For the decor. Candles and flowers on the table – nice simple plating and glasses/cups could change the game.

One of the most memorable joys of growing up in Denmark is living the Hygge way, which always includes a bit of style, hence my constant appreciation for Scandinavian decor.

Try hygge to create a delightful experience around eating and living. Beleive me, feels and looks refreshing.

For ideas and inspiration on how to create such a lifestyle – a lovely book I would recommend on Hygge is: ” the little book of  Hygge” by Meik Wiking.

Change your life step by step.

Char x






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