The habit of being kind

Often times we get so busy in our own lives by actually being constantly kind to ourselves in the form of (buying what our eyes desire, doing the things that only bring us joy, giving joy only towards ourselves, eating a bit too much etc). Wrapped up in our wonderful selves. Nothing wrong with being kind towards ourselves, but what’s even greater and yields so much goodness into our wellbeing is placing our attention on being thoughtful, kind or giving towards family, co-workers, friends and strangers too. It’s not the size of the kind act, but the authentic value tied to the giving.

Giving to others is health to our mind and soul. When we give with an authentic heart or intentionally tune into being thoughtful – it’s healing and magically reciprocal.

A habit example of being kind:

Current Cue: It’s Sunday. New Cue: it’s still Sunday 🙂

Current routine:  You wake up late. It’s now late in the morning. You freshen up, have breakfast and then go to the gym. Come home. Have something to eat and then watch Netflix most of the day.

New routine. You wake up. Whilst in the bathroom freshening up, you have a small frame/ or post-it stuck to the wall reminding you to be grateful and carry out an act of thoughtfulness. Something triggers – After having breakfast – you send your parents or dear friends who live far away, a text to say hi and wish them a great day. Do this repetitively. This simple act becomes a habit.  You now send kind texts around the same time every Sunday to whoever pops up in your mind.

Old reward: A relatively content feeling. Now – a content feeling, but the positive ripples though unseen are multiplying. You smile.

Step by Step x

hi parents.jpg




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