Joy find: My amazing gym t-shirt

So, I have been exercising ( light intensity) for at least 20 minutes almost every day. I would wake up in the morning. Freshen up. Put on a dull blue t-shirt on Monday & Tuesday. Cool gym tights at least, trainers and then head to the gym.

A week ago – I decided to wear a more colorful t-shirt (grey and a mix of pink) with the words: “Work hard/stay humble”  For some magical reason – the t-shirt had a wonderful effect on me. When I looked at myself in the mirror – I felt joy.  The words were pleasant to look at, the color and cut of the t-shirt were flattering too.

I am now in the midst of creating a new habit loop:

Cue: time to go the gym ( 3-4 times a week on average) – it’s 06:30ish a.m

Routine: instead of putting on a dull t-shirt on a particular day. I make an effort to wear the nicer t-shirt suitable for the gym on Monday, the beginning of my week. ( As I only have one special t-shirt which I love to use) I use my other t-shirts on the other days. I plan to buy another cool t-shirt for the gym soon.

Reward: I seem to have more enthusiasm to head to the gym now as I feel more joyful in my gym attire, though I can only wear my amazing t-shirt once-twice a week.

The T-shirt no matter the color, cut or price if it makes one feel comfortable, joyful and well,  wear it to the gym.

Step by step x



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