Joy find: My light bulb moment

I have now moved into a new role. A role which has challenged me and encouraged me to place a strong focus on constant improvement via asking questions. Listening to a lot of thought leaders in the particular area of knowledge and believing in myself despite the outcome.

I stepped into more of a leadership role ( EA to Project Manager)  of mid – May this year.

My joy find today happened in the form of a light bulb moment. I was tasked to lead an important virtual meeting. For the first time, I felt like I was able to ask key questions as well as fully understand the content. Light Bulb!

This is what I learned:

  • Move your thought energy from thinking about what others might think of your learning curve to focus on just bringing your optimistic and best self to work every day.
  • Challenge yourself by asking a question from time to time. It builds confidence and helps you to develop an active and questioning mind.
  • Yes, you might not understand everything that has been said for the first few months – do not worry, if you persist in not giving up – you will begin to pick things up.

I am still learning and unlearning so as to embrace my new skill set and thinking.

Be encouraged.

Step by step x




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