30 days of Joy – Day 29 – Getting there

Today, I woke up around 9ish. I love Sundays… I decided to go for a morning stroll alongside the river close to my home. The sun was shining. On my walk, I saw about 10 Bangladeshi ladies – they must have been in their 50s and 60s. Conservatively dressed – head to toe. Before I…

30 days of Joy – Day 28 – Sky wonder

Walking around on a sunny day in Central London – took this picture. Captivated by the sky and beautiful old buildings. Masterpieces in the sky all around us. Thankful to get the opportunity to experience such natural and engineered beauty in the best sense.  

30 days of Joy – Day 27 – Look up at the ceiling

Sometimes you feel- or at least I feel ooh my gosh – how am I going to overcome that obstacle. This picture sums it up perfectly. Though, there may be lines blocking another entrance to joy. Work on reaching your goal- look a-bit closer and you/I will discover an opening. #joy #wellness #light – I…

30 days of Joy – Day 26 – Drawn to light everywhere

I walked passed many beautiful windows and interestingly shaped buildings on my way home this evening- something I never noticed in the past. This evening  the sun kissed sky brought joy in buckets. Set your mind on something deeply and you will find it each time. Drawn to light everywhere.      

30 days of Joy – Day 25- That red bike

I took this picture yesterday close to my work place – I would have not noticed this bike before my joy adventure began – now my mind is focused on colour and joy in all its beauty, I was able to spot this bike🌻. It’s so cool- love how the red motorcycle is standing out….

30 days of Joy – Day 17 – Light lives inside of you

I took this picture this evening. It reminds me / though challenges may surround us – like these dark walls. Light which lives inside all of us ( centred) will shine forth. Work hard, be curious, remember God is love, remain joyful, don’t buy into fear,learn and remain kind. If you lose a bit of…

30 days of Joy – Day 12 – Peace calls on Joy

No filter: My morning walk to the station this morning. Peace calls on Joy- a heart at peace comes from zero comparing and rest – be kind to yourself-. Pursue that brighter life, stay humble *seek peace and joy daily – it can be attained – it’s about time🌻

30 days of Joy – Day 10 – Cultivating a Joy state of mind

Is all this optimistic thinking changing the way I think, feel, speak – choose to spend my time with and listen too. I am beginning to think so : ) daily and relentlessly cultivating a #joy state of mind even when facing valleys and mountains.

30 days of Joy – Day 7 – Joyful friendships

This is my friend Heather. Every time we hang out – so many small acts of kindness happens to us. Like experiencing super kind restaurant folk or fun & interesting chats with strangers. Choose to hang out with authentic joyful people. If you don’t know any – keep searching – that friend is out there….