30 days of Joy – Day 29 – Getting there

Today, I woke up around 9ish. I love Sundays… I decided to go for a morning stroll alongside the river close to my home. The sun was shining. On my walk, I saw about 10 Bangladeshi ladies – they must have been in their 50s and 60s. Conservatively dressed – head to toe. Before I knew it – they started running – basically in exercise mode. It was actually beautiful to watch. These women – you could see on their faces cleaned and cooked all day – caring for their loved ones and home. This was their livelihood. So to see a bunch of ladies finally placing value on themselves through community and movement. Amazing! Wellness is all about joyful and deep relationships in the big scheme of things. Coupled with movement and healthy food.

They inspired me so much – that I decided to go down the healthy path in the evening – I did sneak in a bit of chocolate and a banana muffin today : )

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