30 days of Joy – Day 30! Reflections

#30daysofjoy – yesterday I completed the 30 day joy challenge. Abit under the weather so postponed the final post until today – #life #health &#wellness.

The 30 day challenge has impacted me in the following way –

– daily, I began to see joy in seemly big things we don’t notice because we’re on our phones or in our own mental world. I experienced: Beautiful smiles from little children. Their inner freedom and outer expressions are joy

Colour and beauty everywhere. Clothing, cars, buildings, beautifully designed windows…

The beautiful open sky – how gorgeous is the sky when the sun is shining! Mornings, daytime and the even sunsets .

A renewed passion for taking photos…

Attending a cooking class! I still love cooking!

Joy in having a firmly rooted faith in Jesus. God’s love is everywhere

Joy in trusting in the unknown. Our thoughts have power and life…

Joy in believing in the good, despite surmounting challenges and obstacles everywhere. Choosing to go through the valley with joy and wise kindness.

Joy is cutting out too many thought leaders. Sometimes we find ourselves following too many people on Social Media. The joy of knowledge is found not in an ocean of people with opinions – but from a few noteworthy extraordinary people ooh also from the man above

What next- after the 30daysofjoy . Watch this space

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