The habit of adding more spinach…

I sautéeing some wonderful spinach last night and bravely added more spinach to the pan. As spinach is so larger than life in size and fullness, we sometimes avoid adding a larger quantity of spinach in a pan as we simply forget that spinach contains a lot of water. Once the water is drained a bit – the spinach shrivels up.

Like spinach, sometimes we make obstacles seems so much bigger than they are. However, what if we actually stepped back – took a leap of faith and just carried on. Carried on adding a bit more spinach, carried on trying to wear something bold and colorful. Carried on letting go of offense, unforgiveness, and bitterness. Carried on dreaming about the vast opportunities that await us.

Let’s add a bit more spinach to our dishes and life.  Live every moment – step by step



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