The habit of working towards your dream

As each day passes by recently, I have been thinking more and more about working towards my dream.

Not fully sure about what my big vision is yet, but one thing I know for sure is that “there is more “and I should put some time aside every day- to take small steps towards my dream. The clear path will become clearer as time progresses.

As I pen this down – there are some rumbles in my life – but for some reason. I desire to be more, have more and give more. How will I accomplish more and what steps should I take to get me there?

Everyday –

  • I am monitoring my spending – keeping a budget. Accessible for instant updates on my smartphone.
  • Reading more. I am reading up a little more on my favorite topics
  • Listening more. In my prayer and quiet time – I am trying to silence my mind to hear from God. Faith is – believing in the things unseen and things yet hoped for.
  • Having the daily courage to be one’s authentic self-coupled with wise kindness.

May you be encouraged to put one foot in front of the other. It’s never too late. Listen to your gut. Listen to God. Listen to peace.

Working towards ones dream



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