The habit of joyful Fridays

I was supposed to meet a friend for dinner this evening. She cancelled our meet-up relatively late so I did not have time to make new plans. I allowed myself to feel disappointed for a short period. She is one of my most fun and amazing friends I had not chatted with in a while. Meeting up with her always meant an amazing night.  Anyhow – a thought popped into my mind –  “don’t waste this beautiful evening by turning it into just another Friday”

I then decided to head off to the nearest museum – I browsed around their art store. I flickered through beautiful books. I saw beautiful jewellery and gift ideas began to appear.  Outside the museum was a young man singing his heart out – selling his CDs for £5, which is cheap. He had a beautiful voice so I listened for a while- then popped a few coins in his collection bag, before heading off to the station.  I then did a bit of shoe browsing and a stranger in the shoe store told me all about how good a certain brand was. Short and sweet conversation.  I then bought some yummy and healthy food for the weekend. In all my Friday has turned out to be really joyful.

I encourage you to make a choice to value Fridays even the seemly mundane ones. You never know what experience, conversation and joy will be revealed.

Museum 1


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