The habit of grabbing your moment

Every day we pre-occupy our minds with noise – bad noise e.g reality tv or too much good noise – “informative podcasts” including mundane connections. E.g with people who colour the atmosphere with complaining or negativity. We allow such things into our worlds.

After work, I found myself filling my mind with a bit of semi-bad noise – someone vlogging about everyday stuff – nothing in particular – it was just entertaining like reality tv. It started off with me watching a few episodes during the weekend. Which is fine.  Then I began to watch more episodes just before going to sleep every night.  I realized at that moment that I was fostering a bad habit ( something irrelevant was stealing my valuable moments) –  I was also watching someone create. It’s fine to watch interesting shows, but what’s even better is grabbing your moment to personally create or connect with optimism throughout the day – evenings too.

How do you begin to do this:

Ask yourself – Did I at least spend 30 mins on my hobby or passion project today?

Ask yourself – did I love or encourage someone or make someone smile today?

Ask yourself – Did I value my health – by cooking up something healthy.

It starts with one step – our time is so valuable – let’s use it to create and connect beautifully.

Char x



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