Joke: Bag

When you think of ba – g. What do you think of? Bag! hahaha Thank you very much

6 ways to create and find rest

The busy mode is back. For many Christmas, rest is a thing of the past. This might be true, but rest does not have to be a thing of the past. When we intentionally rest, we are investing heavily in the bank account of emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing – our joy and longevity.  Out…

Joke: book

When you think of bo-ok – what do you think of? Book – haha Thank you very much  

Birds & freedom

What shall I wear? I don’t have what it takes to complete a pending task. Am I ready for the next move? Where will I be in the next 5 years? Will I find a hobby? WIll I ever lose weight? What shall I name my cat or dog? What do you mean that there…

Joy is everywhere

One of my biggest everyday joys is connected to my bus journey home. Oh, how I love passing by the big majestic buildings in the business district. I also pass by beautiful tall trees and streams of water.  Joy bubbles up thinking about the beautiful scene which blesses my mind and spirit even in the…

Joke: Soup

When you think of so – up, what comes to mind? Soup! haha. *Life*

How to be thoughtful – 5 Ways

Some people are born givers. They seem to always want to pay the restaurant bill. They will always call on one’s birthday or remember a special anniversary. They have a delightful ability to connect with others.  Their gifts are also intentional and thoughtful.  Some gifts – money is spent, other gifts involve a text message…

Joke: Relax

When you think of relax. What do you think of? re-lax haha.