6 ways to create and find rest

The busy mode is back. For many Christmas, rest is a thing of the past. This might be true, but rest does not have to be a thing of the past. When we intentionally rest, we are investing heavily in the bank account of emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing – our joy and longevity.  Out of rest creativity flows. Seasons find their rhythm.

Here are 5 ways to find more rest:

  1. Schedule a rest day: For me my ultimate rest day is Saturday.  On this amazing day, some of the things that I do is: is cook, learn, exercise and sometimes socialize.  Fridays and Sundays are reserved for ultimate socializing. To thrive – we all need to connect with others. Though once and while it’s good to get away, even for an hour to find peace – rest… Doing this is not always easy if kids and a husband share your landscape  – at the same time, nothing is impossible in some parts of the world. If rest will revitalize you, which it will. Endeavor to create it despite lives ebbs and flows.
  2.  Clean your home: It sounds counter-intuitive, but actually, if you invest a few hours in the weekend to clean your home/do the washing- when you eventually settle down to completely rest – it creates a higher level of calmness and delight in the home, I feel.
  3. Limit social media: I felt like I needed to blog/create more regularly before, but what I needed to do was create from ultimate rest. Now – I’ve decided to blog when I feel ultimate rest like on my restful Saturdays.
  4. Show the love: Send someone a text or call them. Love is good for the soul.
  5. Be yourself: be yourself. Sometimes we want to limit our personalities to fit into a mold. No, let’s be ourselves a bit more whilst respecting others.  Life is short and beautiful to live closed and fearful of what others might think of us. Wear that bright top. Share your goofiness. Go on holidays.
  6. Wear comfy clothing: Be comfortable and wear comfy clothing.


Seek rest and it will find you. Let rest be the anthem of our lives.



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