4 ways to start your morning

How to wake up cheerful and excited about the day when lots of thoughts are filling ones mind? Mixed emotions keep knocking you down every few seconds.

Here are four ways to kick start your day:

  1.  Listen to an encouraging podcast/ted talk or audiobook to move your thinking towards the optimistic  – even for 10 minutes.
  2. Write down 2 things you want to achieve like e.g eating healthy and finding 30 minutes in the day to rest.
  3. Exercise for 10 minutes – outside if possible.
  4. Practice deep breathing and visualization for 5 minutes

We all have thoughts which can steal our kindness and joy. These thoughts love to visit us in the mornings all too often.  Imagine your thoughts are ships sailing in the wrong direction, sailing towards you. Turn those ships around. Take control of your thought life.  A healthy thought life leads to greater health and more fulfillment.

We all deserve the utmost kindness and joy. It all starts with strengthening our thought life…

Healthy thoughts

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