Capture that Joy

Joy is the burst of contentment and happiness. Some people who have very little often in developing countries have much joy. They smile and they appreciate the simple things in life. Then there are people who have everything, but they have no joy – no light in their lives.

Joy belongs to everyone. Whether you are rich or poor. It’s a free gift.

How do we harness this joy? Well, it starts in our minds.

If we think, feel and act that we will never experience joy – then the chances are we will experience limited joy or push it away unassumingly.

Joy comes in different shades, depending on our mindset, feelings, and actions…

Imagine, if you despite your feelings – steered your mind towards thinking optimistically, doing things that bring joy like – spending times with great people. Watching a nice movie. having that piece of chocolate cake, exercising in the morning and feeling so good for it. Buying someone a coffee. Finishing a book or listening to an insightful podcast. Buying that long-awaited pair of jeans. Forgiving someone. – if you did this regularly, the chances are you with experience far more joy than you ever expected.

Joy and Kindness belong to all of us. Let’s begin to takes steps towards it every day beautiful people.

Joy filled.jpg

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