Wise Kindness

Kindness is freedom. Kindness is self-love and loving others. Kindness is faithfulness. Kindness is confidence. Kindness is giving.  Kindness is empathy. Kindness is style. Kindness is saying no. Kindness is saying yes. Kindness is standing up for what’s fair. Kindness never gives up when tired kicks in. Kindness is correcting the sails and keeping our eyes on that illuminating destination. Kindness is checking our heart to let go of the things that eat at our joy. Kindness is sunshine of mind and body.  Kindness is beautiful.

Wise kindness is living life with a big, bold and generous heart coupled with a high measure of discernment. People love kindness, especially takers. So let us always make sure to step back and live a life of kindness and wisdom. Sometimes wisdom comes from walking the hard and long road. Walk it and believe you will come out wisely kind.

I’ll choose kindness ooh and joy any day.


Kindness be.jpg




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