Morning “let gos”

I heard a story about a guy who was being interviewed said that in the past – within a few minutes of waking up – worry would flood his mind. Worried if he would pay the bill. Worried about everything. In his mind, nothing was working out. Light fully and loudly absent. At some point, he went out to dinner with a friend and was telling him how terrible his life was when a person who was clearly suffering from cancer walked past him and smiled so warmly at him. That split moment triggered a movement of change in his mind. He began to put in morning habits – one of them gratitude through prayer and meditation.

We’ve heard a lot about gratitude. I also truly believe that gratitude from the heart is able to relieve stress and even anxiety.

4 things I do to invite gratitude in the mornings:

  1. I pray and thank God for all that I’ve been blessed with
  2. I endeavor to text someone in the morning to see how they are doing.
  3. I forgive myself for anything I might have said or done to shake my core pillars of love and faithfulness that I live by.
  4. I let go of my worries, because there is always an ebb and flow to situations.
  5. I open the window first thing in the morning – rain or sunshine. Breath in the fresh air. Go for a walk or stoll in the morning is possible.

Be thankful, but above all else – let go of yesterdays worries. Your heart and health will be grateful you did it.

The problem might not fully go away – but having a clear head with less worry, new ways of addressing the problem might pop up and maybe some unexpected kindness along the way.

Believing the best. Life is beautiful.

Let go.jpg



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