Kind Crazy

In line with kind boldness comes kind crazy.

To make a real difference – courage calls upon crazy.  Crazy in having different opinions than your peers, friends, family or even strangers. Crazy to believe that you can find purpose and discover your life’s blueprint even when you think you’ve achieved enough success in your home life and job. Crazy to dare to swim into uncharted waters like:

  1. Doing something you’ve never done before like scuba diving, traveling solo or fishing or volunteering abroad even if it’s not like you
  2. Showing your true burst of emotions when something stirs you up.
  3. Showing your true elation of great news
  4. Debating kindly and firmly when you disagree
  5. Laughing out loud!
  6. Daring to win
  7. Daring to be alive.

Doing something that will leave you changed only because you dared to step out into kind, bold craziness coupled with a good dose of wisdom.

Kindness and joy are out there. Be crazy to find it.  Much can be achieved through crazy – the good kind 🙂

kind crazy2.jpg





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