Kindness People: Romario

Name: Romario   Profession: Phycologist   ” Thoughtfulness always leaves a good impression” My friend Ro, family from a different family is one of the most thoughtful people you can meet. He always reminds us to meet up and celebrate key birthdays and milestones. The gifts are always intentional sometimes too intentional. He is Dutch….

The Power of the Human Spirit

The power to change within us – to cultivate a growth mindset is much stronger than we think. The human spirit carries an enormous overcoming spirit.  

“Kill em with Kindness”

To be kind is to be truly human.  To care, to feel, to help, to love, to keep the peace and to respect… There are also moments in life when “kill em with kindness” needs to be applied in a way that ensures we take care of ourselves in the process.  Some people find it…

Kindness goes noticed

Hi there, Kindness does go noticed. Do it enough times such as opening the door for someone, taking notice of others or smiling. Sending someone a kind and thoughtful message. Keep taking care of our energy levels. Mental Energy, Emotional Energy and Physical Energy. Pray, meditate and reflect…  Live life with a wise and lovely…