“Stop & enjoy the moment”

This current moment is all we have. Tomorrow – we shall see.

Stop and enjoy the moment:  Nothing to be joyful at work. Enjoy a break by having a nice cup of tea, coffee, piece of fruit or a short stroll outside. You have the freedom to do this…

Stop and enjoy the moment:  “nothing to admire- it’s just another day”.  Look up and enjoy the wide open sky. As vast as the sky is – so is your ability to live, laugh and love before the sun goes down.

Stop and enjoy the moment: “nothing exciting to eat tonight” – buy some colorful vegetables for this evenings dinner.  Oven bake, fry, sautee or steam.  Re-arrange them beautifully on a plate and enjoy. You’ve taken another step in improving your health/ sustaining your good health.

Life is beautiful and it does give us lemonade in the ordinary moments if we stop and savor life.

Asa Dugger.jpg
Picture Credit: Asa Dugger



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