Remove the “potatoes” from your head

Sometimes, we can carry too many potatoes on our heads like potatoes of worry, annoyance, fear etc

Kindly and swiftly, take those potatoes and create something delicious out of them today like renewed energy through improving a skillset or asking yourself curious questions ( not sure what questions to ask – look up Simon Sinek’s talks on youtube for inspiration on the why, how and what you should be asking yourself to begin to understand your purpose in work and life… )

The potatoes of worry e.g  –  turn them into a dish of optimism. You may not know what tomorrow may bring, but you can hope for the best by taking action. Take small actions today by reading a bit more, asking more curious questions and believing that everything will move forward. For me, prayer helps to combat worry.  Also, meditation, deep breathing and exercise regularly have been scientifically proven to remove the potatoes of”worry” significantly.

Life is beautiful – make the best of it today.

Live, laugh and Eat

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Char x

Picture credit: Marco Antonio

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