Take some leaps too

I recently read an article about how transformative it is to also take big leaps in life to achieve a goal. Small steps every day still count, but to really see great movement following reflection and wise feedback – sometimes we need to take those daring leaps. In relation to health and wellness – I feel challenged to properly exercise daily by running outside every other morning in the weekday – feeling the cold breeze.  Usually, I dream about running. Now I’m setting my mind to run for a little bit every other weekday. Starting tomorrow. I will track my morning runs for the next 21 days. They say an action becomes a habit after 21days…  My second leap is to venture out into the unknown by launching my second impromptu Kindness Change social event this Saturday, in London. Read about the event here. inviting people to sit together – have breakfast if they wish and chat about all things kindness, uplifting and joyful.

What’s your exponential leap for this week or this month  – could be work, holidays, cooking healthier?

Everything we desire is on the other side of fear…

Leap lady.jpg

Remain kind to yourself and others.

Charlotte x

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