£1 kindness

Last Sunday, I went into Starbucks to buy hot chocolate. A young man served me. Opening my purse to get my card out to pay for my drink, I noticed that I had a few 1£ coins in there too.  I also noticed a colleague of the young man. Without overthinking I grabbed two – 1£ and gave it to them each – as a kind gesture.  They were so happy and said that now they can buy lunch today. £1 still goes a long way.

In turn, the joyful surprise of the impact of the £1 made me smile.

When we give what we can at that moment makes giving special – we always have something to give and receive.

Some people may feel annoyed that they only got £1 and then there are others who – like the two baristas were so thankful for this simple gesture. Such is the beauty of life.

Let us still continue to be kind.

Pls share your stories of kindness – would be great to hear from you.

One life

Live it kinder xx


Barista .jpg
Picture credit:Chevanon Photography

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