” Stay close to people who feel like Sunlight”

” Stay close to people who feel like sunlight”

There are some things, which we do not get to choose or decide in life.  Then there are things which we can choose… e.g spending time with people who enrich our lives, bring a smile to our faces, are fun and healthy to be around, stir great conversations and bring lightness and wisdom into a situation.  Some of us may have a bunch of these amazing souls in our lives. Others might know one person like this or none at all.

Whatever the situation –  there is a process to finding these amazing people. The process is growth firstly in ourselves. There is this saying: “we attract people into our lives by the person we become”  I have found this to be so true in my life as well.

To bring us closer to more amazing people – to start, there are 2 areas to work on in attracting the “Sunlight” or healthy minded people

Become a better listener: focusing on bringing less of “I and “me” in the conversation all the time. Instead begin to take a genuine interest in what the other person is saying or sharing. “Sunlight” people listen to what others are saying, so they can add value to the conversation.

Become kinder: Notice people. Lend a helping hand. Wish somebody happy birthday.  Do something kind for yourself this week e.g buying yourself a nice meal or going for a swim or walk. “Sunlight” people are generous and take care of themselves too in the process.

Overall, to know “Sunlight” is to also know tough times . Allowing ourselves to mature through the seasons without giving up allows the “sunlight” the healthy perspectives to shine forth in our lives…

One life – live it kinder

Charlotte x

Sunlight _Katie E
Picture Credit: Katie E



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