A better life

So many of us have spent so much of our time in cars, public transportation – missing out on enough natural movement like walking or hiking. Busy in the office… When it came to our health – some of us including myself at times –  grabbed a sandwich for lunch – gulped it down in a rush before the next meeting. In a serendipity way – the current climate that we are in – has allowed some of us including myself to accelerate healthier eating habits , connecting closely with family and friends and moving naturally closer to home.

Here are 4 insights to a simpler and kinder life:

  1. Decide to do one chore everyday .e.g neaten your bathroom, if you do one cleaning chore everyday – however tiny – then when the weekend comes around – you less time for cleaning and more time for a hobby.
  2. Show kindness and compassion to people around you. Every single day… Today – I stopped and spoke to my neighbor to see how she was doing. She was doing well and was off with her little dog for a walk.
  3. Cook something delicious this week. I have been seeing pasta everywhere, so I will probably make some pasta this week and share the recipe with you!
  4. Call a friend who has kids. Suggest to entertain them for 1 hour online. They may not sit still for the whole period, but you never know. I did this recently with another friend. Not sure who laughed the most after the 1 hour session  – myself or the kids. Probably me.
Green Leaf

Picture Credit: Min An

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