This quote is taken from the Fuel +Move wellness and performance blog – written by its founder – Parul Patel.

Flexibility of working from home has given some of us more time to spend on what matters the most- thereby using our time more effectively . On the other hand- we hear more and more people working longer hours – thus leaving less time to build and strengthen their priority areas.

In all of this – maintaining togetherness, connection with others is not only good for our health, but good for our performance. So if life gets busy – pause, reflect and regain optimisation of your time.

“All good things need watering and nurturing to eventually produce something worthwhile”

One of the ways to regain time on what matters the most is to become very clear on what your main 3-5 priorities medium, short term and long term are and prepare your time around these priorities. One of the priorities should include togetherness with others. Our wellness depends on it.

One life – live it kinder.

Char xx

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