Kindness People: Dorothy Shaver

The Human Kind series is fortunate to interview Dorothy Shaver – a kind trail blazer in the health and nutrition space. What has been one of your most unforgettable kindness […]

Kindness People: Antoinette Raymond

The Human Kind series is very glad to interview Antoinette Raymond about her insights on kindness. Antoinette is an Organisational Psychologist and Business Scientist. 3 things Antoinette is about: The […]

Simple Tomato Salad

“Some times one just needs a good squeeze of lemon juice and salt to enhance the flavour of a salad, a tomato salad in this case” Here is my mum’s […]


“You can only be Kind, if you feel that you are coming from a place of leverage” Gary Vaynerchuk What is a place of leverage? A place of leverage is […]

Wake Up/Do/Be Kind /then Repeat

I read an article that one should wake up, kick ass and repeat to achieve success.  It had some good points, but what was missing in the article was an […]