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Category: Kindness People

Kindness People: Antoinette Raymond

The Human Kind series is very glad to interview Antoinette Raymond about her insights on kindness. Antoinette is an Organisational Psychologist and Business Scientist. 3 things Antoinette is about: The […]

Kindness People: Natasha Chhabra

Natasha Chhabra is a Doctoral student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Maryland, USA. Her research interests include race & migration, immigrant and transnational families, and gender […]

Kindness People: Nitya Gracianna Rajan

The very down to earth and musically talented Nitya Rajan shares some of her kindness insights below. Be sure to also catch Nitya interviewing an array of people including well […]

Kindness People: Oliver Camp

Kindness is intrinsically linked to better health, so on this occasion, The Kindness Change series is glad to interview Oliver Camp from Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition to share his […]

Kindness People: Patrycja Riera

The Kindness Change series is fortunate to interview Patrycja who is now the Founder and CEO of Inclusionem which is a global consultancy focused on supporting organizations in internal research, […]

Kindness People: Richie Mehta

The Kindness People series is fortunate to interview¬† Richie Metha on this occasion, who is the Managing Director of School of Marketing.¬† Richie is a Senior Marketing Leader and Academic, […]

Kindness the healthy way

“Kindness, for me, is about both self-acceptance and self-love, as well as showing this to others. It involves an act. Being kind is a verb, so we must follow through […]

Kindness People: Parul Patel

Parul is another live example of what it means to forge through adversity and come through it with her kindness still intact. Of Indian origin, Parul grew up in the […]