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Tag: goals

Kindness People: Natasha Chhabra

Natasha Chhabra is a Doctoral student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Maryland, USA. Her research interests include race & migration, immigrant and transnational families, and gender […]

PODCAST: Life Changing tea!

  Hi Everyone, This is Charlotte Lazarus and welcome to my first podcast. In today’s kick off podcast, I will be sharing a couple of reasons why we need to […]

“Abandon good, just try”

I was listening to a talk by artist Charlie Mackesy on abandoning “the idea of being good and just try” In his talk, he recalled a story of volunteering to […]

A better life

So many of us have spent so much of our time in cars, public transportation – missing out on enough natural movement like walking or hiking. Busy in the office… […]

Dressing up and nowhere to go

In places like the UK, the COVID 19 lock down restrictions are still in tact. This means people are only supposed to go out for essential reasons like grocery shopping, […]