TKC Story

“Be kind and start taking action”

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the Kindness Change platform, which is about personal change management. Seeing amazing people not live out their best life and experience joy – led me to create a space where ideas and inspiration could be shared to spark positive change and action in all of us.

Gratitude, kindness, teamwork, progress, action and wellbeing are central themes of the site. 

I hope these posts will inspire you to be kind towards yourself and others – and ultimately take action to live a kinder, purposeful and joyful life. 

A little bit about me and what I believe in

  • I was born in South Africa. Grew up in Denmark and I now live in London.
  • I am an international facilitator in personal development.
  • I am a life long learner.
  • My Christian faith is central to my being
  • My day job involves driving change and transformation in an international company.
  • I believe that teaching a child about health and wellbeing, kindness and project management earlier in life can set them up for success
  • I believe that authentic kindness firstly towards ourselves can take us a long way in life
  • I believe that without love and loyalty – what we strive for in life will fall flat. 
  • I believe that practicing gratitude and kindness can change our lives – bringing immense joy.
  • I believe that that nothing is possible without support from others – “no man or woman is an island” 

One life – live it kinder.


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