My Story

Welcome to the Kindness Change!

My name is Charlotte. I am of South Indian descent with humble upbringings in diverse South Africa and stylish Denmark.  I am a Project Manager by day and passionate about Kindness and cooking more plant-based every day. 3 Facts about me: I love the sea, telling bad jokes and cooking up healthy, quick and yummy food.

Why the Kindness Change?

My brother’s passing away in July 2016, was a turning point. It changed my outlook on life. His last words were ” I love you dearly” I never got to reply to his email as I thought I could reply to him later – later did not arrive. I was too “busy” also too busy not eating healthy. His last words set me on a course to live the best “kindness” life I could.

What is the Kindness Change about? 

My aim is to refresh our concept of kindness as a super relevant virtue that is strongly linked to healthy living and ultimate joy.

All of this enabled by love, preparation, and action.

Looking forward in doing this “kindness” journey with you.

Charlotte x





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