TKC Story

“It always seems impossible until it is done” – Nelson Mandela

The Kindness Change platform was founded in 2017, Following the passing away of my remarkable brother – who showcased great Jazz knowledge, football and business talent . However, he missed out on living his best life due to certain choices – e.g choosing an unhealthy lifestyle that involved drugs and alcohol.  His passing away inspired me to create The Kindness Change platform.

Even though some of us may not choose to travel down a path damaging to our health- we still fail to show kindness towards others and ourselves. Why?  because Kindness is wrongly misunderstood as a weak or lavish trait. When it comes to our health, we avoid the discipline of regular exercise and eating healthier, because “there is no time”. We wait, because the return of investment appears low in the moment. 

Thirdly, when life gets so busy with family priorities, kids and career, we forget to have fun.  When we choose to add fun into the equation – life becomes kinder… “Life is to be enjoyed not endured”

“The mission of the Kindness Change is to inspire and equip each other to live a life moving forward through wellness tips and insights enabled by Kindness”  

One life – live it kinder

Charlotte x

Disclaimer : Views are my own.

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