TKC Story

“Be kind and start taking action”

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the Kindness Change platform.  I founded this platform  in 2017, following the passing of an amazing family member who did not live his best life in the area of health and wellbeing.

Now my heartfelt mission is to share tips and advice on how you can progress in life starting with gratitude and above all else – taking steps towards better health and wellbeing 

I hope these posts will inspire you to be kind towards yourself and others – and ultimately take action to live a kinder and joyful life. 

A little bit about me:

  • I was born in South Africa. Grew up in Denmark and I now live in London.
  • I am an international facilitator in personal development.
  • I am a life long learner.
  • My day job involves driving change and transformation in an international company.
  • I love staying fit, eating delicious food, connecting with others, chocolate, learning, church and dance – and trying to be kinder everyday.

One life – live it kinder.


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