“A life transformed through the power of Kindness”


Our Vision

The Kindness Change is here to see every person rethink how they view Kindness – not as a weakness but as a way of life that leads to incredible joy & positive social impact


Our Mission

The Kindness Change provides insights and facilitates ” Kindness Change” gatherings to ignite and spark wise kindness, collaboration, community, and healthy living in men and women.



profile pic.jpeg

My name is Charlotte – I am South African born, grew up in Denmark and now London based. I love cooking up spicy, quick and healthy dishes, love family, traveling and telling bad jokes. I started this blog following My brother’s passing away on 26th July 2016. His passing away was a turning point. It changed my outlook on life. His last words were ” I love you dearly” I never got to reply to his email as I thought I could reply to him later – later did not arrive. I was too “busy” working to pay the bills and not living very healthily. His last words set me on a course to live the best “kindness” life whilst still working hard. I truly believe that the best is yet to come. As such would love to share tips and insights about “give and receive” Kindness that is proving to be a driver for  beautiful change in mine and many peoples lives






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