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Tag: Motivation

Kindness budgeting

One of my good friends is one of the most generous people I know. Always coming up with very personalized gifts for our mutual friends on special occasions. He seems […]

Grasping the “Sun”

We have been very fortunate that the weather has been lovely in London this week. As the weather can suddenly change, I decided to take the opportunity to make the […]

Kindness is feeding your focus

Cori Gauff, also known as Coco Gauff has been described as a rising star in the arena of world class tennis. She has qualified as the youngest player (15 years […]

The habit of cultivating Joy

Hmm joy… Joy is a feeling or emotion of bliss, excitement, happiness, contentment, gratitude,  positive acceptance of live’s ups and downs, peace and harmony.  Joy can also be seen as […]

Kindness People: Vuyo

Profession:  Marketer, Innovator, Storyteller (or global brand manager, if we must be technical ) Tell my about 1 good habit in your life?  I practice a daily morning meditation. I sit in silent […]