74 year old Joan MacDonald’s Fitness Transformation

“Life is so simple. Focus on the things that bring you more joy and abundance in your heart, try to keep improving your character, laugh a lot, love a lot, and take care of your physical health, as well as your mental health” – Joan MacDonald

74 year old Joan MacDonald from Canada is inspiring many on so many levels to prioritise a life of fitness.

Joan’s fitness change journey started in 2016, which is almost 5 years ago.¬† Prior to starting her fitness journey, Joan suffered from high blood pressure, bad knees, arthritis¬† and overall not feeling at her best. Her daughter who so happened to be a fitness coach, was worried about her mum’s wellbeing told her that she had a choice. Either she started to prioritise her health or end up taking more medication. Thankfully Joan decided to put her health first with the help and support of her daughter.

“Her perseverance has given her so many rewards”¬† says Joan’s daughter Michelle.

Here are a few insights from Joan’s successful fitness journey.

  • Community and environment: part of Joan’s success is the wonderful community of like minded people training with her and around her e.g like her daughter Michelle.
  • Appearance: one of the things her daughter encouraged her to do on this fitness journey was to invest in herself further by e.g buying some nice fitness wear.
  • Consistency: Joan arguably showed up to train regularly. Her physique and mindset at age 74 is testament to that.
  • Diet: exercise is great, but coupled with healthy eating is better
  • Joy: Joan seems to have added a bit of fun into her routines e.g like dancing with her daughter during work outs – visit Joan’s Instagram for some cheer.
  • Long term: Joan seems to have the long term view on her fitness journey as she is still going strong with her routine since 2016.

Joan’s fitness journey is uplifting, kind and hard work – overall, if there is a desire to change to live a healthier life. Make the choice and adapt your fitness journey to your situation and environment.

One life – live it kinder and healthier

Charlotte x



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