Kindness is feeding your focus

Cori Gauff, also known as Coco Gauff has been described as a rising star in the arena of world class tennis. She has qualified as the youngest player (15 years of age) at Wimbledon in 2019. Having beaten unrivaled tennis greats such as Serena Willims and having made it to the third round of the tournament thus far, Cori is undoubtedly winning the hearts and minds of a big and broad-based audience.

Whether she wins Wimbledon or goes onto to become one of the greatest tennis players in the world is unknown for now. In the meanwhile, the amazing focus and attention of this young girl can teach us a few life nuggets:

  1. Keep going until you find the hobby or interest which ignites a spark in you. e.g tennis in Cori’s case. It could be gardening or baking for others.
  2. Life inspiration can come from all ages and social backgrounds. Cori is a 15-year-old young African American. She is inspiring people with her focus and determination.
  3. Family: Cori comes from a strong knit family. Overall, deep and authentic connection is proven to be so important to mentally and emotionally thriving in work and personally, especially when lives throws us thorns.
  4. Greatness does not arrive through one-off improvements, Greatness comes from consistent practice. If we would like to make time for a hobby, a craft or skill – try to find the time e.g at a specific time in the morning or during the weekends to practice.  Life is too short to live too unfulfilled.

Inner Kindness is feeding our focus to live that best life. What are you feeding your focus with at the moment and is it serving you well?

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Picture Credit: Bogdan Glisik

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