The habit of stepping out into measureable risk

Do you have a dream of stepping out into a measurable risk or risks?  What does a measurable risk mean first of all? Well, it’s taking a risk or risks, which won’t cost you your current stable income, a roof over your head and healthy relationships.

E.g applying for that role that you’ve been eying for a while, whilst still working. Traveling by yourself to new and uncharted places. Engaging in conversation with a stranger. Reaching out to someone super inspiring for a conversation. Starting a passion project or hobby.

You think about it. Fear creeps its ugly head followed by excuses flowing through your mind –  E.g my weekdays are packed with deadlines and to – do lists, picking up the kids, cooking dinner, work, social media… I don’t have the skills to progress. What if I come across as sounding silly ” etc.

I am encouraging you to take that step of faith into the unknown. Step into what may bring you joy…

Measurable risk also takes a bit of planning. So prepare and go for it!

If you’re reading this note – please share with me what you are currently doing daily/ will do as your first step in pursuing your dream/ your joy?

I would love to hold a Kindness Change speaking engagement this year.  Am I a bit nervous? For sure! – but super excited at the thought of it happening.  This will require public speaking practice and writing up a great narrative among other things.

Let’s go – we have one life to live. Let’s live our best life x



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