The habit of cultivating Joy

Hmm joy…

Joy is a feeling or emotion of bliss, excitement, happiness, contentment, gratitude,  positive acceptance of live’s ups and downs, peace and harmony.  Joy can also be seen as a virtue one lives by, no matter the season, person or circumstance that might affect ones joy.

Habit loop of seeking out joy in the weekdays- e.g

  1. You’ve having a lousy day.
  2. You can either choose to gossip, complain or feel defeated and weary
  3. Or you can live out a life of joy?
  4. You have chosen joy!

After some time, you have tested, tried and then created a few weekday joy points:

Some joy points could be:

  1. Go for a 10 minute walk if the weather is nice. Seek out beauty & colour in ones surroundings. If there is no colour – bring some colour into the place! bring a picture, a small plant, some fruit etc.
  2. On your way home, pass by a health store ( in my case as on my way home) and buy a juice! I have a joy purse – am allowed to spend £2 on something healthy and yummy on my way home from work, in the evenings.
  3. Speak to family or friends. Cheer them up. Say a light word – a word of encouragement.

I will be sharing more regular joy finds….

Pursue joy despite your emotions or feelings. Light and opportunity await on the side of joy. Push towards it – it wants to find you!



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