This week’s kindness tip

Kindness also means NO often…

Repost from Co-Founder and Managing Director of SAKER LYND & CO – Antoinette Raymond:

Do you KNOW your NO?

Are you clear about what’s important to you… and what is not?

I am not so good at this!

Emotionally – saying no makes us feel we’re being selfish, rude, weak and/or unhelpful.

Reality – people often ask because they are able to see your abilities, brilliance and trust you to do what you do (which is often say yes). However, saying yes can also be simply a habit.

Emotions + Reality = Angst (and fatigue, pressure, resentment)

It’s time to separate the emotions from NO.

Respect and value yourself enough to know what you can and you can’t do.

And then practice HOW you say NO. Say NO to the request – not the person. Be clear the ‘why’ of the no and share… but keep it simple and not over explain. Be respectful. Provide an alternative.

I know, I know. Easier said than done, right? And I can tell you… it will be uncomfortable. But having control over and knowing your NO shows honesty, respect for yourself, and ultimately builds healthier relationships.

But if this is new to you… start small and practice on less impactful requests. Build on these successes. Build KNOWING your NO.

The key, however, is to start.

One life, live it kinder – just start….

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