Kindness People: Natasha

Name: Natasha

Profession: Head of Finance

Kindest act received ? I received kind acts from friends who were sympathetic when I had the most difficult times in my life, sometimes just by being there for someone is a kind act all on its own.

What is the kindest thing you’ve done for someone else? I always try to be present for all of my loved ones when they need me most, I listen, understand and try to advise as best I can. Recently I helped a colleague and friend understand her strengths, believe in herself and pursue studies she didn’t think she could do. She was truly grateful and I felt blessed to be in a position to help her to do this.

Kindness or wellness advise? To be kind is the most natural thing to a human being. It means that you recognise the soul that resides in you, resides in someone else and in everyone else. We all feel, at our very core the same things in life. We feel suffering, pain, disappointment, rejection, loss, grief, love, happiness, sadness etc. Most of the time, to be kind, means that we recognise this in someone else, to be there, to listen, to understand and to sympathise. That brings acts of kindness to others as well as yourself. In trying to be kind to everyone, people often neglect themselves, kindness to oneself is important too. By nurturing all aspects of our being, we are being kind to ourselves, I find that making time for exercising and meditating.

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