Kindness People: Romario Nash

The Kindness Change Human Kindness Series is fortunate to interview Romario Nash, Coach and Founder of The Human Entrepreneur. His business helps entrepreneurs to focus on and reach the next level in their business. Beyond business Romario is very passional about social justice and health.

Three things Romario is about?

Always talks about Health and Well-being

I have a passion for mental and physical health and wellbeing at the workplace. We spend most of our time at work [even now we are at home, the majority of the time our brains focus, and our body is positioned to perform at work]. I enjoy bringing health and wellbeing solutions to the workplace to reduce stress, burnout and anxiety.

Has a heart for Social Justice

I have been fortunate to have been raised in a healthy family with two incredible parents that have always given me above and beyond ( I never had to worry about money, and always felt loved). However, I have always been conscious that this is not equally accessible to everyone.

“Whether helping the homeless, picking up rubbish in a refugee camp, or run a personal development program to people in prison, Zimbabwe or Northern Iraq, I think we all have our part to play, and I love taking my responsibility in that”

A Thoughtful leader

I have been told that “I am thoughtful”. I guess I like bringing joy to the people I live with, truly understanding and carrying where they are in life, and believing and cheering them up to that place where they want to go. I don’t mind going above and beyond. However, sometimes this is as simple, as saying hello to a stranger/your neighbour

Have you ever experienced an act of kindness that had a life-changing impact on your life?

Sometimes kindness comes from an unexpected corner.

In my first week in the UK (almost ten years ago), I studied in Cambridge, didn’t know anyone and my English was poor. I was walking in the city centre and wanted to make friends.

I built up all my courage and decided to introduce myself to the first person I saw and ask them to tell me about the area. Not only did this total stranger stopped to tell me the hidden gems of the city, but they also invited me to their home where we had food and drinks and met up several times after.

Although it was my first time alone from home, this act of kindness from a stranger made me felt I had picked the right place.”

Is it possible to be kind in the workplace as some still see kindness as a weakness?

“I have always worked in a positive work environment, where I believe “being kind” was not seen as a weakness. I believe kindness is a strong suit that should always be part of a companies culture. We, humans, are not meant to live life alone, right!”

Kindness is very linked to a healthy life. How do you try to stay mentally and emotionally healthy, and could you share your fav dish?

Wake up Productive

“My secret sauce is waking Up Productive. Over the last 60 days, I have been implementing this program to consciously decide to wake up productive and use the first few hours of the day as sacred to work on myself. Each day, I speak to people that struggle with mental health issues, and I coach my clients to become the best version of themselves”

Govern my own health

“I love working with people, but I don’t always enjoy being around people. My friends know that I am the worst at replying to WhatsApp messages and if you invite me to a party, I will most often ask “who is coming”? Why, because I also need to time to recharge, study and govern my own mental and physical health. Usually, that means that I enjoy going to the gym, getting a massage and taking holidays (ideally once a month / every other month), going to a new place by myself, getting lost, and just being me”

Number 36 on the takeaway menu!

“My favourite restaurant dish would be Tadka Daal (Indian Lentils) with a Peshwari naan #guilty. My own favourite dish is a “THE” bowl – this is a bowl wherein you mix whatever you fancy or can find. This includes salad, paneer, grilled salmon, tomatoes, sweet potato, watermelon, seeds, herbs, eggs, burrata, gnocchi – a colourful mix of my kind of food! “

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