Chasing optimism – Embracing the Cold

I heard someone say God is cold in the greatest sense. Cold because God sends us out into the icy waters of life. We shiver, we freeze, we cry, we turn away, we avoid. We fight against the cold at all costs.

We set goals or milestones but fall short of accomplishing them because it’s too difficult to show a certain amount of rigor and discipline each day. We settle and draw back into the comfort zone. Lovely and warm. We choose not to forgive. We fall.

Cold, in the most amazing sense, is actually a blessing. in the cold, we develop muscle, endurance, faith, inner strength and abilities we never thought we had.

Health focus: Here are 3 tips to get us into the cold every day:

  1. don’t feel like it – just exercise 10-15 minutes every single day.
  2. Don’t feel like it – just eat 3 colourful veggies every single day.
  3. Don’t feel like it – just drink 2 bottles of water every single day

Our hopes and dreams are on the other side of the cold – swim through those icy waters.

Life is beautiful. “Cold” sometimes






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