Kindness People: Nadine

Name: Nadine

Profession:  Executive Assistant / Program Manager

Tell me about 1 good habit in your life?

I have learned in life that we cannot always be in control of it and plan it. Yes, we were being told from early on to try to strategize our careers and private life. But when life throws you a curve ball, you want to be ready to take on the challenge. My good habit (which is something I have learned over time) is to live in the present and moment, plan for the future but don’t live for the future. Every weekday is precious, so don’t just exist until it’s the weekend.  Don’t take life too seriously. If I’m afraid to talk in front of important stakeholders, I’m imagining I’m floating in space!  I zoom out of the situation and into the universe and I look down on myself and the meeting. And I realize it’s not all so bad. It’s not a life or death situation and we are all just human.

Share some Kindness advice?

 Be kind to yourself. All too often, we (especially us women) put sky-high expectations and pressure on ourselves. Trying to be perfect and do the right thing all the time. To be kind and empathetic towards others, you have to be kind to yourself first.

So take out a little bit of time for yourselves each day and do something that you will enjoy. Something that speaks to your heart and makes you happy. For me, this can be something as simple as going to my favorite coffee shop during work hours to get a break. Getting an oat milk flat white and having a chat with the lovely baristas there. It’s my treat I look forward to all day.  It can also be a beauty treatment, a catch-up with a friend over drinks, a message, a hairdresser visit, an hour in the library. As long as it’s time for yourself, recharges your batteries and nourishes the soul so you’re ready to tackle everyday commitments and you have the energy to spread kindness.

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